How to Build a More Trustworthy Brand for Your E-Commerce Store
June 28, 2021

Earning the trust of shoppers is essential to your e-commerce store's success. According to a survey conducted by BuySafe, over four in five online shoppers don't trust e-commerce stores with which are unfamiliar. Rather, they only trust e-commerce stores that they've visited and purchased from in the past. The good news is that you can build a more trustworthy brand for your e-commerce store in several ways.


Display Trust Seals


You can use trust seals to build a more trustworthy brand. Also known as trust badges, they are designed specifically to instill trust. Trust seals will place shoppers' minds at ease, giving them more confidence in your e-commerce store.


Trust seals are offered by various payment and security providers. To display a trust seal on your e-commerce store, you must meet the provider's requirements for that seal. The PayPal Verified seal, for instance, is available to merchants with a verified PayPal account, whereas the McAfee SECURE seal is available to merchants who've subscribed to McAfee's security service.


Create Rich Product Descriptions


Creating rich product descriptions will help you earn shoppers' trust. Don't just use manufacturer- or vendor-supplied product descriptions. While many manufacturers and vendors offer product descriptions to merchants, creating your own product descriptions allows you to include additional information.


You can create rich product descriptions that reveal every little detail about your e-commerce store's products. Rich and detailed descriptions provide insight that's not found in shorter and more generic descriptions. When used in conjunction with multiple, high-quality product photos, they'll foster a more trustworthy brand for your ecommerce store.


Secure With HTTPS


Securing your e-commerce store with Hypertext Markup Language Secure (HTTPS) will result in a more trustworthy brand. HTTPS is a standardized networking protocol that, like Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), allows users to visit a website. HTTPS, however, is distinguished by its use of encryption. It will encrypt incoming and outgoing traffic to protect shoppers, as well as your e-commerce store, from data breaches.


How can HTTPS help you earn shoppers' trust? Many shoppers are reluctant to buy products from e-commerce stores that use HTTP. With HTTP, they'll see a "not secure" message or icon in their web browser when visiting your e-commerce store. And since they'll need to enter their payment information during checkout, shoppers may leave your ecommerce store prematurely. With HTTPS, shoppers will see a padlock icon in their web browser, indicating that your e-commerce store is secure.


To secure your e-commerce store with HTTPS, you'll need to install a cryptographic file on it. Known as a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate, it will make your e-commerce store accessible over an encrypted HTTPS connection. There are free SSL certificates, and there are paid SSL certificates. Regardless, installing an SSL certificate will secure your ecommerce store with HTTPS while simultaneously building a more trustworthy brand.


Use a Professional Web Design


Your e-commerce store's web design will affect whether or not shoppers trust it. According to WebFX, 75 percent of a website's credibility comes from its design. Credibility, of course, is connected to trust. When shoppers perceive your e-commerce store as being credible, they'll have more trust in it. If they don't believe your e-commerce store is credible,on the other hand, chances are they won't trust it.


Using a professional web design will foster a more credible and trustworthy brand for your e-commerce store. If the design is generic or amateurish, it will reflect poorly upon your e-commerce store brand. A professional web design shows shoppers that your e-commerce store is willing to invest the time and money needed to create an attractive online storefront.


Offer a Variety of Customer Support Methods


Another way to build a more trustworthy brand for your e-commerce store is to offer a variety of customer support methods.Some online shoppers may prefer to use email to contact your e-commerce store for assistance, whereas others may prefer a different method of support.


By offering a variety of customer support methods, shoppers will have peace of mind knowing that they can easily reach your e-commerce store. In addition to email, for example, other customer support methods you can offer include live chat, phone and social media. Don't Restrict shoppers to using a single support method. You'll build a more trustworthy brand by offering multiple support methods.


Allow Product Reviews


Allowing product reviews on your ecommerce store will inevitably instill trust in shoppers. According to Moz, product reviews influence over two-thirds of all online purchases. Before buying a product, shoppers may check the product page for reviews. Product reviews instill trust by revealing the experiences former customers had with the product.


Product reviews is a native feature in moste-commerce builders. Whether you built your e-commerce store with Shopify,WordPress, BigCommerce, Wix or any other common builder, you should be able to enable them on your product pages. Once enabled, verified customers will be able to leave a review. As your e-commerce store accumulates these product reviews, more shoppers will trust it.


Sell on Multiple Platforms


Another way to build a more trustworthy brand for your e-commerce store is to sell products on multiple platforms. In other words, consider listing your products on other digital marketplaces besides your e-commerce store. You can list your products on Amazon, for instance.Alternatively, you can list them on eBay.


Selling products on multiple platforms will create a more trustworthy brand for your e-commerce store. Shoppers will associate your e-commerce store's brand with those platforms, so they'll have more trust in it. Aside from a more trustworthy brand, selling products on multiple platforms will likely result in more revenue. You'll be able to tap into the unique audiences of the platforms on which you sell products.


Shoppers are often skeptical of buying products from e-commerce stores with which they are unfamiliar. By earning their trust, though, you can convince them to make purchases. You can build a more trustworthy brand by displaying trust seals, creating rich product descriptions, securing your e-commerce store with HTTPS, using a professional web design, offering multiple customer support methods, allowing product reviews and selling on multiple platforms.

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Do you want your ecommerce to
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We're MXNEY and we're determined to fund and grow ecom stores. Our question is, should it be yours? 
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