Ecommerce session hosted by MXNEY at TechBBQ 2021

Ecommerce Event
October 18, 2021
🛍️ The future of Ecommerce: What brands can expect from the new normal

The online retail experience continues to evolve as technology trends change the way shoppers interact with merchants digitally and how Ecommerce founders run their businesses. The Covid 19 pandemic has certainly supercharged the development in this space and has brought forth major transformations. Are you interested in hearing about how Ecommerce businesses leverage technology trends already today or are getting ready to adopt transformations that are just on the edge of becoming a reality?

🎤 Presented by: Moderator: Morten Lodal Askekilde, Co-Founder & COO, MXNEY

Panelist: Vasilij Brandt, Co-founder & CGO, Blazar Capital

Panelist: Kristoffer Degn, Co-founder & CCO,

Panelist: Josh Plante, CMO of Soundboks

Panelist: Christian Harboe, Co-founder of Scandinavian Biolabs

🗝️ Key topics: Automation, Marketing

#TechBBQ #innovation #ecommerce #nordicmade

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