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How long do I commit for?

The length of your commitment will depend on your individual agreement with MXNEY. Each loan agreement consists of tranches, meaning how many individual payout and repayment rounds you committo. Generally, MXNEY offers Ecommerce businesses to commit for one, two, or three subsequent tranches.

How will I get access to my funds?

(See FAQs).

Can I use the funds to pay off existing debt or other obligations in my business?

No. You may only use the funds through 1) the MXNEY-Card to pay for Approved Marketing Services and 2) Supplier invoices through MXNEY's online platform or by sending such invoices to, but not towards the acquisition of companies, investment in shares or other related assets, repayment or prepayment of any loans of the Business.

MY MXNEY card is blocked, why is that?

In case of any suspected fraud and/abuse of the MXNEY-Card or changes in MXNEY's credit scoring of the Business, MXNEY may in its sole discretion block the MXNEY-Card.

Is there a minimum and/or maximum repayment amount?

Yes. There is a minimum repayment of 1,4% of the total paid out tranche/ loan amount per week. Additionally, the highest repayment amount to be repaid by the Business to MXNEY on a weekly basis shall never exceed 7.5% of the tranche/loan amount.

What happens if my sales proceeds cannot cover the minimum amount?

If you are unable to pay MXNEY the amount due, MXNEY will deduct the amount at the next available time the amount becomes available until the owed amount is paid in full. If at any point these catch-up payments account for more than 50% of the sales proceeds (meaning allsales processed) in a given week, the business will be in default.

What defines a default on the loan?

You will be in default of the loan agreement if any of the following happen:

1.  If the Business fails to comply with any of the terms and conditions.

2.  If the Business, in MXNEY's opinion, fails to comply with its Covenants, Representations and Warranties.

3.  If the Business fails to comply with the technical requirements applicable.

4.  If any of the following events occur: insolvency, bankruptcy, dissolution, death of any the Authorised Representative(s) or ultimate owners, or legal incapacity.

5.  If MXNEY's prospects of repayment under this Agreement are, in MXNEY's reasonable judgment, in any way prejudiced, impaired or rendered insecure.

6.  If the Business has withheld information from or given false information to MXNEY in connection with its application, or otherwise in MXNEY's reasonable opinion have acted fraudulently or in any other way with bad intentions.

What happens if I default?

If you default, you are required to pay the outstanding tranche/ loan amount, outstanding Subscription Fees, Break Costs and all other amounts owed to MXNEY with immediate effect. Furthermore,you must pay MXNEY any and all direct and indirect damages incurred, including,attorney's fees, court costs if permitted by applicable law and agree to hold MONEY harmless from any liability it may have to any other person(s) as a result of the default.

What if I want to prepay my loan or cancel my contract? [FS1]

You may at any time during the term of the agreement prepay an outstanding tranche amount and/or cancel any available on-issued tranches, provided that:

All outstanding tranche amount(s) and all other amounts owed to MXNEY are being paid in full by the Business

What happens if I sell my business?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Business Model
How Is MXNEY different to traditional sources of capital? 

MXNEY offers non-dilutive flexible growth funding for Ecommerce entrepreneurs. Unlike venture capital, MXNEY allows founders to raise funds without giving up equity. Furthermore, as opposed to traditional bank loans, MXNEY charges no interest rate and the loan is repaid as a % of future revenues allowing founders to flexibly repay. 

How It Works
How is my offer created? 

Your funding offer is based on your business’s performance. MXNEY uses real-time data and models that look at sales, ad performance and other indicators to create a tailored funding offer. You don't need to share any business plans, pitch decks or lengthy financial statements

What minimum requirements do I need to qualify for funding? 

You must have at least 6 months of historical sales andover 70.000 DKK in monthly revenues to qualify for MXNEY’s cash funding. 

How do I apply? 

To apply for MXNEY’s cash funding you need to provide access to the following data sources: 

Open banking
Shop-system (Shopify, WooCommerce etc.) 
Ad platforms (Facebook ads, Google ads etc.)

You will also be required to verify your business and all owners with a 25% stake or more in the business as part of KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations. Therefore, you must present: 

Copies of passports
Proof of address (national identity card, electricity bill, or similar)
Bank account statement of your business

In addition, you must simply fill out all required fields in your application or schedule a call with one of our account managers. 

How fast can I receive my funds? 

You may receive your funds within 3-4 business days. However, the speed of the full process from application to accessing funds may vary on an individual basis depending on the number of questions, length of negotiations, special considerations etc.

Large loans may take longer as these require special considerations and analysis.

How much funding can I receive? 

MXNEY offers loans between 100.000 DKK and 2.000.000 DKK.

I have an active loan; can I apply for a second one? 

Yes. You may apply for a second loan if one of the following has happened: 

Your revenues have increased significantly since the initial approval of a loan 
You have chosen not to receive your maximum loan amount the first time around
You have repaid more than 90% of your first loan

*All Decisions are subject to individual due diligence

What is the fee?

MXNEY operates on a funding-as-a-subscription model. This means we charge a fixed monthly subscription price while the loan is outstanding. There are no interest payments and your weekly subscription price will never change. 

The fee is individually calculated based on your business’s performance, the amount of capital borrowed, and the level of personal liability chosen.

How do I pay the fee?  

The fee is automatically deducted together with the repayment of the initial loan amount through either: 1) direct debit or 2) charged through your payment processor* *if you are part of MX Pay. 

When does repayment start? 

Automatic repayments will start running week plus one week after pay-out of the funds. MXNEY will continue to collect repayments until the initial loan amount plus fees are repaid in full. 

How does my repayment scheme look like?

You will repay the loan as a % of your total weekly sales(revenues) until the loan has been fully repaid. This means you flexibly repay: if your sales go down, so do your repayments. If your sales increase, you repay the loan faster. Once the loan has been fully repaid, repayments automatically stop. 

The exact percentages of weekly revenues that go towards repaying your loan depend on the amount borrowed and our analysis of your business performance. 

We always make sure that you will keep a healthy portion of your sales so we never charge you more than 20% of weekly sales. 

How long does repayment take?

The time it takes to repay a loan depends on your future business performance and the revenue share that has been agreed on. 

How do I repay my loan? 

The repayment amount is automatically deducted through either: 1) direct debit or 2) charged through your payment processor* *if you are part of MXPay. 

What data sources do you connect to? 

MXNEY connects to:

Your bank account via Open banking.
Your Shop-system (Shopify, WooCommerce etc.).  
Your Ad platforms (Facebook ads, Google ads etc.).
Google Analytics (if applicable).

Why do you need my bank account information? 

MXNEY uses bank account information to get a better assessment of the overall financial performance of your business. The bank account that you connect will also be the bank account that MXNEY will debit loan repayments from. 

How do you secure my company information? 

MXNEY uses yourcompany information purely for performance assessment and operates according to all applicable data privacy and protection regulations. Please see our privacy policy for more details

Using Funds
How can I access my funds? 

You can access your funds in two ways:

Uploading invoices directly to the MXNEY platform


Connecting your MXNEY-card to digital marketing platforms. 

We do not pay out funds directly to your bank account. 

How fast can I access my funds? 

Once the contract is signed and MXNEY has performed its final performance and business verification, you should be able to access your funds within 1-2 business days. 

Where can I see my repayment history? 

You can see all progress made towards your repayment as well as how much funds you have leftover in your MXNEY Dashboard. 

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