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Empowering ecommerce founders to be in full control from Seed to Series A.

Get fast and fearless funding without giving up equity. You keep full control over your ecommerce business and you're repayments are flexible.


Ecommerce businesses have accelerated their growth with funds from MXNEY.


The average growth rate for businesses within their first 4 months of being funded.


Total funding (DKK) provided to ecommerce businesses by MXNEY in 2022.

Funding from MXNEY has given Totteland the opportunity to grow at a pace that wouldn't have been possible otherwise. I invested in repeatable growth and grew sales by 4x.
Frederik Tychosen, Totteland.dk

We're enabling
founders to grow faster without giving up equity ownership

We provide capital for your future growth and you get to keep full ownership of your business while minimizing risk and repaying fexible as your sales grow.

Funding up to €2m
Get funded fast and easy
Keep full ownership
Flexible repayments
Minimize risk
Growth experts

Get past the grind and hustle

As an entrepreneur, you face ongoing challenges and carry heavy burdens with little to no help.

We were once fortunate enough to come by the right mentors and investors to get past the grind and hustle. Knowing now, how vital this was to us, we decided to standardize this experience and turn it into a democratized platform.

You deserve it too; to have a supportive ecosystem around you, that dares to put themselves on the line and share some of that risk and result-thirst.

You can surely say that we heat up the investor space with the reimagination of clever capital driven on technology - and now it can be your playfield to reign from.

Gone be the days of dizzying personal guarantees and no-promise advisors and gurus. Let's make the dinosaur financial world feel the comet rain of no-dilution startups.

Mads Andreas Olesen
CEO & Founder, MXNEY

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