Reduced rates

Pricing designed to give superpowers to ecommerce entrepreneurs

Revenue based financing

The model is simple. Using your monthly revenue as a guide, we provide up-front capital for growth in exchange for a small percentage of future earnings. You repay us via a flexible revenue share as daily sales come in, which means we only succeed when you succeed. If revenues slow, so do repayments.
No dilution
Why give up equity to fund repeatable aspects of your business like digital marketing? It's your business. Stay in control.
No personal guarantees
Why give up equity to fund repeatable aspects of your business like digital marketing? It's your business. Stay in control.
No interest rates
A one-time flat fee. The cost of capital is always transparent and repaid fairly from future revenue.
Prices drop, benefits last
MXNEY rewards loyalty, no matter your size. Build lasting benefits with us.

Set it up for free

You don't pay a setup fee. Not now, not later. Get started without hazzle.

Only pay as you go

You don't pay monthly subscriptions. Instead, you pay for what you use.

Reduce your rates

Your rates will drop every month until they reach our lowest rates.

Lock the price

Work your rates down and keep the rates across your next businesses too

No setup fee. No subscription.

Maybe we should remove this line?

• KPI's and metrics
• Competitors
• P&L and liquidity
• Vendors
• Performance alerts
• Marketplace
Business account
• €0.00 Business Account
• €0.00 subscription
• €0.00 Mastercard
• €0.00 transactions*
• €0.00 signup fee
• €0.00 dedicated support
• Done-for-you taxes
• €0.00 bookkeeping
• Done-for-you VAT
• €0.00 VAT-handling
• Done-for-you books
• €0.00 bookkeeping
Get started
• €0.00 signup fee
• €0.00 payment gateway
• €0.00 subscription
• €0.00 per transaction
• €0.00 statutory fees
• €0.00 dedicated support
+ 0.69% (starts at 1.39%)
Get started
• Keep ownership
• Get from €15K to €2M
• Stay in control
• Flexible repayments
• Grow on our money
• Dedicated advisor

"Exactly what our business needed"

Our customers love us. Become one of them!

"MXNEY’s funding-as-a-service model makes it a great way to grow during uncertain times. Their flexible repayment model was particularly helpful throughout the Covid pandemic."

Ne Lassen

"This is like doing business a decade into the future. I don't have to show up somewhere, and I haven't had to prepare tons of sheets."

Mikkel Nielsen

"Funding from MXNEY has given Totteland the opportunity to grow at a pace that wouldn't have been possible otherwise."

Frederik Tychosen

“MXNEY helped me grow a lot faster, and even with tap water-like access to capital, whenever I need it. Without MXNEY, I couldn't have set such aggressive growth targets."

Christian Roland

"So far MXNEY has played a crucial role in securing the necessary capital to grow as an e-commerce company. They deserve the highest recommendation."

Sune Madsen

"It has been a pleasure working with MXNEY. Having received competent sparring and capital has allowed us to grow significantly faster. We would recommend MXNEY to all ecom founders who wants their store to grow faster."

Lucas Møller

"We are very pleased with our cooperation with MXNEY. Their service is fast and they can help you identify the right partners for your ecom. If you want to take your store to the next level, we can recommend MXNEY anytime.

Betina Tvedesoee

"MXNEY continues to impress me with their advisory and I am very frequently in touch with their Success Management team. Excellent advice and support."

Anders Jensen

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