Comforth: +86,5% revenue growth in 2 months

Comforth's growth opportunity

Christian Roland, the founder of Comforth, started his business in 2021. By the time Christian reached out to MXNEY, his business had turned over DKK 1m and was on the verge of taking the next step. As Comforth's relevance among skin-care enthusiasts grew, Christian knew he needed to source more products and expand his marketing efforts. In response, Christian partnered with MXNEY to leverage the financial muscle he needed to increase product lines, leverage economies of scale, and increase marketing expenditures.

How funding from MXNEY helped Christian from Comforth seize his great opportunity

Christian's opportunity didn't come without challenges; having a wide variety of skin care enthusiast needs also meant he would have to buy lots of inventory and turn up his daily marketing spend on paid social channels in order to stay competitive and cover their demand. Partners who were able to offer the right price points would have fairly high MOQs, and an increase in daily marketing spend would also dramatically increase his costs. As a result, Christian knew it would result in large amounts of up-front payments. Hence, funding from MXNEY helped Comforth make this possible and ultimately grow a lot faster.

“MXNEY helped me grow a lot faster, and even with tap water-like access to capital, whenever I need it. Without MXNEY, I couldn't have set such aggressive growth targets."

Frederik has several years of experience within marketing and branding. Prior to MXNEY, Frederik has worked in eCommerce within the FMCG industry as a digital marketer.

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