How Aaberg Copenhagen grew +1113% over 12 months

Aaberg Copenhagen's growth challenge

Founded by Ne Lassen, Aaberg Copenhagen is a brand devoted to women’s bohemian fashion in classic cuts with a special focus on item details such as lace, pearls and sequins. The business has found great success in sourcing the latest fashion styles directly from Paris. While Aaberg Copenhagen experienced rapid growth, Ne Lassen found it increasingly challenging to keep up with all the orders that were flying in. She needed to find a solution to balance the steep demand and her ability to supply and fulfil orders. 

How MXNEY helped Aaberg Copenhagen overcome the challenge

Aaberg signed with MXNEY foran initial DKK 63,000 funding round in the spring of 2020. Since then, MXNEY has provided capital in several subsequent funding rounds. Aaberg Copenhagen used the funds to increase and scale its sourcing of new styles and items and has now scaled to over DKK 2 million in monthly sales. 

"MXNEY’s funding-as-a-service model makes it a great way to grow during uncertain times. Their flexible repayment model was particularly helpful throughout the Covid pandemic." - Ne Lassen, Founder, Aaberg Copenhagen

Frederik has several years of experience within marketing and branding. Prior to MXNEY, Frederik has worked in eCommerce within the FMCG industry as a digital marketer.

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