Growth funding for ecommerce

Growth funding for ecommerce businesses

Let MXNEY pay for your ads, agency and inventory to fast-track your success


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MXNEY pays for your growth activities. Pay back later.

“We want to help you make more sales. We do this by covering your costs for growth.”

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Finance. Better.

Buy more inventory

Buy in bigger bulk, or add new products to your storefront.

Upgrade to better tools

Pricey tools often deliver better results. Afford better results.

Spend more on ads

Facebook, Google, SEO, email list or whatever you need.

Build your own brand

Let us help you build your own products with bigger margins.

Pay experts

The best agencies are expensive. MXNEY can cover the costs.

And much more

Let your imagination run riot. If it's about growth, we've got you.

"Impossible without MXNEY"

"I have grown way faster"

"Exactly what our business needed"

The benefits

4 reasons why you should get funded by MXNEY

No dilution

Don't give up equity to fund repeatable aspects of your business like digital marketing.

Minimize risk

Minimize your risk,
so you can grow comfortably and responsibly.

No interest rates

A one-time flat fee. The cost of capital is transparent and repaid fairly from future revenue.

Flexible repayments

Flexible revenue share as daily sales come in. If revenues slow, so do repayments.

We fund brands like yours

Why not get a piece of your future growth already now?

Growth funding for ecommerce

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Funded +€250K
Funded +€300K
"I invested in repeatable growth and grew sales by 4x."
Frederik Tychosen, Founder of Totteland
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Trusted by ecommerce founders

Founders 10x their businesses in cut-throat industries with MXNEY

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Move fast

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No equity
Keep control

We don't take ownership or control.

Avoid risk
No guarantees

You don't give personal guarantees.

Smart fees
Price drops

Your fee drops over time as loyalty pays off.

Get up to as much as €2 million
What is funding from mxney?
Get up-front capital to cover growth costs
Choose the amount of funds and the length of the terms. When the offer is accepted we will begin to cover the costs to your growth expenses.
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Get funded fast

Connect your data and receive an offer within 24 hours.

Keep ownership

We don't take any ownership of your business. You stay in control.

Minimize risk

You don't give personal guarantees and you're not personally liable.

Smart fees

Your fee drops over time as loyalty pays off.

Your offer works like this

As an example you get €100,000
You repay €100K + our fee
The terms are up to 6 months
Get an offer within 24h

This is how you repay

Repay us when you generate sales
If revenues slows, so do repayments
We only succeed when you succeed
Get an offer within 24h

This is who we fund

Ecommerce businesses
+6 months of operation
+€ 10K monthly revenue
Get an offer within 24h

How to get started

Connect your data, get an offer, receive funding and grow with likeminded ecommerce experts

Connect your data

Connect your business data with our platform so our robot can crunch your numbers.

Accept offer, receive funds

Based on your data, we will present you with an offer to grow your business.

Grow with likeminded

Share thoughts and strategies with the community, and have our ecom specialists craft plans & ideas.
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From local grinding to global riding


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